Monday, March 30, 2009

Handbags can be hazardous to……….macaroons

So I’m a fan of oversized bags. I love them because not only are they aesthetically pleasing but also because they hold all of my junk (a wallet, an FSU cosmetic bag filled with about 30 lipglosses, gum and mints, my camera, the occasional bottle of water and banana, perfume, a brush, a contact lens case and solution, a magazine, perhaps a book, etc.). You get the idea. My current purse of choice is a large cream bag that is more than capable of holding all of my stuff. Well, on Friday I decided that it might be time to downsize. You see, I was at the deli picking up a turkey sandwich. I was at the register preparing to pay. The details are a little fuzzy because I’ve tried forgetting them. All of a sudden my giant, gorgeous bag knocked a plastic box of macaroons off the counter onto the floor. Upon impact, the box’s lid popped open and several macaroons flew out. I felt like a real asshole. I apologized profusely and then wondered to myself if I should offer to pay for them. A kind man who worked there said it was OK and quickly picked up the macaroons. In addition to the cashier and various other employees who witnessed this scene, I’m sure the restaurant patrons saw all of this go down. I quickly decided to make this a to go order and bolted out the door. I’m such a clumsy person by nature so I’ve decided large handbags are not appropriate in certain situations.

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