Monday, June 29, 2009

The Daily Shoe

Can we talk about how much I adore these shoes? I’ve had them for probably a year now but today is only about the third time I’ve blessed my feet with them. I feel like they’re so specially adorable they should only be freed from their shoebox and worn occasionally. They’re made of a deep turquoise silky fabric with lavender piping. A piece of what appears to be patent leather is woven across the top of the foot and results in a dainty bow. These shoes are so fabulous that you could pair them with a simple white top or dress. They will compete with whatever you have on, so I don’t ever wear them with anything super special.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Recessionista Fashionista

Even before this recession, I was always looking for a bargain or a way to save a buck. I love coupons and I’m on every e-mail list imaginable. So in light of the economy, I thought I’d post a few ways to save money. I’ll try and do this every so often.
I think we women should splurge occasionally and pamper ourselves—think a pedicure or massage. I get an amazing $22 pedicure that lasts three to four weeks. If you find someone good, you don’t have to go as often. A lot of my friends drop some serious money on their hair. I’ll admit that my haircuts are pricey but the girl that does my hair “gets” it and that’s why I see her and only her. Also, I don’t go so often that it becomes expensive. Where I do save money is on my highlights. In my opinion, highlights can’t really be screwed up. And if they are, they can be corrected. Whereas, if you get your hair cut and hate it, you just have to wait for it to grow back out. So, I get my highlights done at the Aveda Institute here in Atlanta. I think I pay about $40 (as opposed to $100-$200) and I’ve never had a bad experience. You might be there a little longer than if you went to a salon and saw a pro but the money I save makes it all worth it. There’s also a Paul Mitchell school here and prices there are about the same as at Aveda. Of course both schools also do haircuts and those go for about $15.
I’m a big fan of massages. They’re a real treat, but they can also be real expensive! Recently I discovered two massage schools right here in Atlanta where you can get a one hour massage from $25-$40. That is such a bargain! One of the schools even does facials and body treatments. If any of you want specific contact information for any of these schools, just let me know and I’ll be happy to provide it!


File this under “Why didn’t I come up with that?” Rollasole is a company that installs vending machines in clubs that dispense inexpensive flats! Say you’re out on a Friday or Saturday night at your favorite bar or club. You likely have on three or four inch heels (I know I do) but if parking is anything like it is here in Atlanta, it’s a trek to and from the lot. I usually keep a pair of flip flops in my bag and slip on my heels at the last possible moment. Of course flip flops can be bulky so the great thing about these flats is that they roll up making them even more bag- or clutch-friendly! An added bonus is that these are obviously cuter than flip flops! The vending machines are currently only in the UK but you can purchase a pair via their website.