Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bite me

I’ve totally reverted to a tween thanks to the scrumptiousness that is Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in “Twilight.” Now when the movie came out back in the fall last year and I saw and heard all the hoopla surrounding it, I didn’t get it. And I thought all those pre-pubescent chicks were ridiculous with their shrieking fits of hysteria. I would have liked to have caught it on the big screen but a) I didn’t have anyone willing to see it with me and b) I wasn’t up to fighting off a pack of rabid 13 year olds at the theatre. So I just kind of forgot about it until it came out on DVD, which was last weekend. I rented it Saturday morning from my local Blockbuster and after meeting some friends for lunch went home to see what all the fuss was about. Consider me converted! I’ve always enjoyed vampire movies so I figured I’d like this one. A few minutes into the movie, I was digging the storyline about Bella (also my dog’s name, so kind of weird for me) being the new kid in town but I was anxiously waiting for the story to develop with the big introduction of Edward Cullen. Finally, he appeared and I was transported back to my middle/high school days of boycraziness and crushes. This guy is absolutely dreamy. Of course as a vampire, he was rocking the superwhite skin and his lips were obviously enhanced with some kind of light lipstick. His hair was styled into a James Dean-ish bouffant. He’s just hot, period. All of that hotness aside, it was genuinely a great movie with an excellent storyline. There was a lot of suspense, action and romance so it pretty much had it all. I enjoyed it so much that the next day I picked up the first two books in the series (which are huge by the way) and a few days later I went to Target and bought the 3 DVD deluxe edition. All of this has me feeling pretty shameful. I am such a tween for getting caught up in the “Twilight” frenzy. Now I can’t wait for the second movie to be released but I’ll have to patiently bide my time until November. I’ve also devoured every piece of information I could find on Robert Pattinson. He’s only 22 (feeling even more shameful) and is British (I’m a sucker for a British accent so that makes him even hotter). Apparently, he’s not a fan of the shower as I’ve read a few quotes from journalists and crew members on how smelly he is. With any other guy, that would be a dealbreaker. But it’s not for R-Patzy-Poo.
By the way, he’s on the cover of GQ this month so of course I read that article (online although it may come as a shock that I haven’t bought the magazine) and stared at the pictures for a good 20 minutes while I should have been working. That’s actually where I ripped the gorgeous photo to the left from. Enjoy!

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