Monday, December 29, 2008

Ho ho ho!

So with last week being Christmas and all I didn't get a chance to post anything. I went home to Florida and came back yesterday. I was there for an entire week. I was especially excited about being off of work for such an extended period of time. I had fun but it went by too quickly. I saw three movies while I was home. Nights in Rodanthe--does Nicholas Sparks know the meaning of a happy ending?! Marley and Me--cried my eyes out and rushed home to cuddle my dog afterwards (see the cuteness that is Bella above). Eagle Eye--Shia is such a cute kid and it was a pretty good action flick. But I don't buy that chick as a love interest. He's like 12 and she's 30. I also spent lots of time with the fam and we played some board games. I love me some board games. I killed at both dominoes and Scrabble. I also made time to see several friends. Each one either had a kid (that they brought along) or was pregnant. What’s with all of my friends being knocked up or having kids? Is someone trying to send me a sign? Honestly, I think I’m one of like three girls from my high school class that isn’t married with a kid or one on the way.
Christmas Day we went over to my cousin’s house. He and his wife have a big Christmas party every year. We played Dirty Santa and had a ton of food. It was fun. But I got stuck with a lame gift—an emergency hammer. WTF? Will a regular, non emergency hammer not do the trick?! I wanted to return it for a store credit but I couldn't figure out where in the heck it came from. I even tried looking online, but no such luck. I'll probably end up taking it to next year's party. Haha!
Overall, it was a pretty good Christmas. Especially compared to last year. I'm in a much better place mentally. Last year, I was pretty miserable because I had been laid off from my dream job(I'll have to write an entry on that whole debacle later). This year, I am gainfully employed and was elated to be able to buy Christmas gifts for friends and family. While I was home I got six inches of my hair chopped off and it felt so good! It felt symbolic and cathartic. Is that corny? It was like I was cutting away drama and bad stuff. It felt good. But I don't know how I feel about the actual cut yet!

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