Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Helping those less fortunate

So I realized I haven't shared my adventures in volunteering. I joined a team through Hands On Atlanta this fall and we picked service projects to complete. The most recent project involved doing yardwork and light painting for a senior woman. She signed up through a senior center as needing help (due to the fact that she's a senior and unable to do the yardwork herself or pay someone to do it for her). Well, imagine my surprise when I arrived at this woman's house to find her a spry 60 something driving a blinging brand new Lexus SUV. Those of us that are actually cool (there's one chick in particular who's a real Debbie Downer) found this hysterical and joked about it. "Maybe after we finish up with the yardwork, we can detail her Lexus," one of us cracked. Oh, well--I still felt good doing something for someone else. Besides, the real entertainment of the day came when a car passed by and the driver screamed out, "F*@# white people" as we were raking our little hears out.

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