Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Purseless Pursuits

So I recently stumbled across The Secret Keeper. It’s another product from the As Seen on TV family (think Ped Egg and Bumpits). I purchased a set of Bumpits and totally heart them, by the way.
The Secret Keeper is a nifty little pouch that slips in your bra and comes in three colors (nude, white, and black). While the prospect of being able to hit the bar, go to a sporting event, or exercise outdoors hands free is exhilarating, how classy can one look digging a credit card out of their bosom? Furthermore, for The Secret Keeper to be indispensable to me it would also need to hold my cell phone. I’m thinking this is not an option unless looking like you have a large, square growth on your breast doesn’t faze you.

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